Don't throw in the towel

Posted on January 08, 2020 by Dave Schipper

So it's early in the year.  You've committed to the gym membership; don't throw the towel in, USE IT!  Find simple motivation tips that are personal to you.   Do you thrive on carrots?  Then 10 visits get you that new pair of shoes, and 20 get you a new phone.  Do you fear the stick?  Take a picture of that gut you are trying to lose, and strike an line through it daily.  Or one that never works at my house, ask your spouse to weigh you each week.

Pictured is our Pink Super Gym which is our best value priced ribbed towel.


Gift idea for the master chef

Posted on December 18, 2019 by Dave Schipper

Every master chef needs gadgets, and here's one that's both priced right, high quality, and available it quantity pricing.  Our digital meat thermometer

Measures the internal temperature of food safely and instantly without opening the oven or grill! Includes a 24-hour countdown time, a heat resistant stainless steel probe, 3-foot metal wire and a double magnet for metal surface attachment. Temperature range up to 410 F.  Plus it has an alert alarm to remind you to your food is done while you are distracted with the other courses or entertaining guests.

Plus let's say you have a cooking class and you want to give a gift out, we have a bulk 12 pack price that is incredible. 

Happy successful cooking.

Gym Membership Gift

Posted on December 13, 2019 by Dave Schipper

Ok, so we’re all at that point of deciding on the tough decisions, what to buy that significant other for Christmas.  Well we just moved from out in the country to town, so I was thinking about buying us a gym membership. It was an adjustment, going from having a private outdoor gym to being restricted to traffic and sidewalks. I’m looking to get active again!  So to Google I went:

Did I get a kick out of the first search I found, “A gift you should never buy!”  I was comforted by the idea that I’m thinking it’s for the both of us, and it fitness directive and NOT that I’m thinking about weight loss.  Boy you do need to be sensitive, but I’d add smart too.  67% of people don’t use their membership that they are paying for. 

So think twice, purchase smart and try not to offend. For some people, a membership is the difference between saying they’ll work out and actually working out.  Wish you all the best of success in your Christmas shopping. 

Of course if they own a gym, we have some great towels for you to buy them.  Like our valued priced Pink Super Gym!  

Here's a list of links that I reviewed above:

Happy shopping,



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Robes make a great gift

Posted on December 12, 2019 by Dave Schipper

Are you looking for a unique gift for Christmas, birthday or maybe the 2nd year Anniversary*?  Think of our high quality cotton robes, now on sale for 25% an already discounted price for our plain styles. Just use the code Robe2019 at time of check out.

In multiple colors and styles:

* Yes Cotton is the recommended gift for the 2nd anniversary, so don't just get them a T-Shirt.

Outfit the family in Camo robes

Posted on December 11, 2019 by Dave Schipper

When you need a gift not found anywhere else.  Deck out the family in camo.

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Think Pink Promo

Posted on August 31, 2018 by Dave Schipper

Have your gym, pool, or golf center ready for October Breast Cancer Awareness month by purchasing our great Pink Striped Super Gym towel.  Until Oct 1st it's on sale for 10% off with this discount code "ThinkPink" on top of the current steal of a deal.

Truly it's an every day item with a great soft message.  Check it out here!


Happy National Towel Day

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Dave Schipper

We really can't explain it better than Wikipedia.  Since we are over a 130 year old Towel company, we have to honor Douglas Adam's love of towels with a special.  FREE Freight on our Classic Super Gym with it's ribbed terry cloth and athletic PINK striping is a perfect companion for interstellar travel.  Plus the design is classic being around the sun over 70 years without changes.  We sell the towel also as a great Pink Tour Caddy too.  Now gentlemen, don't panic that it's pink, it still is a perfect companion.  The offer is good for shipping within the 48 contiguous states, and for orders placed May 25th.





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