Reduce Towel Theft

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Abigail Kramer

Towels are a great way to bring a higher level of customer service to your members, but many health clubs worry about towels walking out the door.  Here are a few ways you can stop towel theft in its tracks while still providing an amenity that many customers appreciate and expect from their gyms.

Ugly Towels  – It sounds like a terrible name for a towel, but this has been a bestseller for over 80 years. Available in many sizes, the “Ugly Towel” is proven to reduce towel theft thanks to its “ugly” olive green color.


'Property Of' Towels – McArthur can decorate any towel with our “Club Property” prints or you can customize with the name of your own club – “Property of 123 Fitness.” This low cost add-on is a reminder to members to return all towels before leaving the gym.

Towel Card System – How it works? Members receive a towel card and when they would like a towel, they leave the card at the front desk. When done, they trade the towel back in for their card.

Distinctive Towels – Our most popular towel for Gym is our striped ribbed Super or JR Gym towel; and while everyone loves the quality, everyone is completely aware this is not your normal household towel.  Having a distinctive towel like this on your premise reduces the risk that someone will walk off with it.  Pick a color your gym will be recognized with, or buy multiple colors, say Pink and Blue for the ladies and men's.

Towel Round-Up – Done a couple times each year, members are encouraged to return towels that were taken from the facility, no questions asked. This can be promoted through signs, gym newsletters and social media.

Return Towel Signs – Posting signs around the gym and at the exits is an easy and simple reminder to members. “Towels are the property of 123 Fitness Center. Please return them to the proper bins before leaving the facility." 


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Fall comes too soon

Posted on September 20, 2016 by Abigail Kramer

Leaves are starting to turn around our home base, and yep tomorrow is the first official day of fall.  It will also mean that you have less than 10 days to take advantage of the September sale on our best selling bath and shower 22"x44"  "Original Ugly" Towel.  Originally created to reduce towel theft, it's gone on to be a towel selected for durability and unique color.  We have to admit, that's not really that ugly is it?  It will look great in any yoga, fitness, health, or gymnasium.

Don't miss out,


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Beach towels, a Hot Yoga essential

Posted on September 09, 2016 by Abigail Kramer

Beach towels may have been named wrong for the longest of times.  We have found the traditional 30" x 60" towel is incredibly flexible away from the beach or pool.  We have always known it is the perfect dorm towel because it covers more of you when you need to race down the hall after a shower to get ready for class.  Now we're finding out that it is the preferred towel for Hot Yoga, and many people tell you to bring TWO towels; some say both large and others mention a hand towel. We reviewed many sites before writing this blog post and found this one is the most concise.  Yoga Outlet - Tips for Hot Yoga

For Yoga centers, don't be shy to supply a stash of towels for your customers.  We have a wealth of choices, sizes, and colors that you can buy at case prices and charge a low cost to recoup your expenses. CLICK Here. We also can imprint on the towels subtly if you would like to brand your center.

Now stretch first,


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Pretty nice looking Ugly towel

Posted on September 07, 2016 by Dave Schipper

On sale during September! A great bath shower and locker room towel. Check out the prices by Clicking HERE

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Introducing from Dave's Desk

Posted on August 05, 2016 by Dave Schipper

So I've been blogging for McArthur's web site on and off again since we've open the page for business.  I have gotten approval to start offering some great values for you direct at factory prices if they are close out, and when we get a special price passed to us to pass you the savings.  First up are two great rally towels a Gold one that we made a special buy and a Purple towel we are pruning from the line.   Both are as supplies last, so they can disappear from the website at any time.  You will always tell which ones they are because I photograph them "On my desk!"

In case they sell off before you read this blog entry, here's what they looked like:

 Click Here while supplies last.

 Click Here while supplies last.


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Happy towel shopping



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August Special JR Gym Towels

Posted on August 03, 2016 by Dave Schipper

Our JR Gym Towel is the smaller version of the original and classic Super Gym Towel.  This is a perfect companion for Yoga class, Fitness centers, and of course all those athletes in the weight room getting ready for fall sports.  Give it a try or stock up on the great value.  Truly it has both a retro and classic look that one would expect to a top notch center.

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