October Surprise

Posted on October 14, 2016 by Dave Schipper

I know it's only the middle of October and we've been rattled with surprises, live mics, leaked emails, relief pitchers hitting home runs, 39 year old catchers hitting home runs, Cy Young winners getting saves & hitting home runs, and we have a half a month to go.

 So we thought we would join the fun.  We're adding another favorite towel to our October sale! So it's not just robes, it's our 24" x 50" Ugly Olive Shower towel.  SURPRISE this is NOT the same towel we had on a successful sale in September.  That was our gym sized towel, and this towel is a little heavier and the extra size fits more waists if you are the kind that wraps it around your middle.  Here is a LINK to the towel on sale.  CLICK HERE.

And yes don't be too surprised, we still have our robes on sale, just key in OctRobes in the discount field.



You have to admit this is a good surprise, enjoy the rest of October; and watch out for clowns.



7 days left for free towel contest

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