October Robes

Posted on October 04, 2016 by Abigail Kramer

Dave here, in honor of one of my favorite songs "October Roses", our special this month is October Robes 10% off, just enter a discount code OctRobes when you are checking out. Here is a link to our full collection: http://www.mcarthurtowels.com/collections/robes-wraps

And yes here is the chorus to the song:

Spring roses are lovely, they make my heart sing
And in summer, the roses sweet memories bring
But I most need the rose when the bitter winds call
October Roses are the fairest of all (c) Linda Allen

Now if you listen to video you'll have an understanding that I might like sentimental celtic songs about love lasting a long time.

Enjoy the warmth of the song, and the warmth of our robes as the fall and winter air sneaks into your house.



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