Keep Calm and Golf On

Posted on May 17, 2018 by John Jr Killen

Golf season is back on for all of the country now, and not just the southern states.  We love golf, golfers, and all the country clubs and resorts that work diligently to make your experience as great as possible.  One of our customers, Kemper Lakes had a great blog that reminded us that Mindfulness is power, and the strongest trait of a golfer, "Staying Calm"  We just posted about the calming effect of a beach towel, so it was perfect to plant a seed for all of our decorators.  Keep Calm and Golf On is a great mantra to put in the club house.  We would gladly send you this art to use on any order.  Here's a link to the 16x25 towels that make the best golf towels.

And don't throw the towel in, use it and keep swinging!

Amazing Towels

Tournament 12 pack

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