Happy National Towel Day

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Abigail Kramer

I've got good news & bad new for you today!  First the good news, we're celebrating National Towel Day with a free freight special on my favorite towel.  The Pink Striped Super Gym, which is also featured as a Pink Tour Caddy Towel as well.  JUST for today May 25th National Towel Day.  This is really one of our top locker room & golf caddy towel, so this is fun deal.  Of course we know that a towel is a perfect companion, we've been selling them for years; and I've always have had a little soft spot for Douglas Adams and science fiction.


Of course my bad news is this is my last blog post, I'm moving on to new adventures in the southern part of the U.S.  I'll miss giving you ideas about towels, but you're in good hands with Dave, plus he promises to replace me.

Sadly I sign off with a great deal though.


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