Beach towels, a Hot Yoga essential

Posted on September 09, 2016 by Abigail Kramer

Beach towels may have been named wrong for the longest of times.  We have found the traditional 30" x 60" towel is incredibly flexible away from the beach or pool.  We have always known it is the perfect dorm towel because it covers more of you when you need to race down the hall after a shower to get ready for class.  Now we're finding out that it is the preferred towel for Hot Yoga, and many people tell you to bring TWO towels; some say both large and others mention a hand towel. We reviewed many sites before writing this blog post and found this one is the most concise.  Yoga Outlet - Tips for Hot Yoga

For Yoga centers, don't be shy to supply a stash of towels for your customers.  We have a wealth of choices, sizes, and colors that you can buy at case prices and charge a low cost to recoup your expenses. CLICK Here. We also can imprint on the towels subtly if you would like to brand your center.

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QB Towel

Pretty nice looking Ugly towel

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